Why Toronto Region?

Did you know that Toronto is the fourth-largest city in North America? Most people we connect with in international markets don’t realize this! We’re mentioned in comparison to cities like Cincinnati and Pittsburgh, when, in reality, we rival major global centres like New York, Los Angeles, London and Singapore in both size and scale. The Toronto Region is big.

Big Markets.

The Toronto Region is the economic engine of both Ontario and Canada and a critical driver of the North American economy. We are a region of 7 million people, where a company located here has unfettered access to a global consumer market of 1.7 billion people through our recent trade partnerships. We are the only country in the world that has a free trade relationship with every G7 nation.

Big Ideas.

The Toronto Region has been building the workforce of the future – diverse, skilled, and innovative. We know firsthand that diversity and inclusion lead to creativity, advancements, and economic growth. Our talent pool is the source of big ideas, developing solutions to today’s big problems.

Big Opportunities.

Toronto Global is dedicated to making your investment decisions fast and easy and putting forward a strong case for why your business should locate here. The Toronto Region is thriving, inclusive, and forward-facing. We have the talent you need in a uniquely tolerant society. Our past track record, present trajectory, and ongoing stability testify to our status as one of the world’s best and brightest cities. Our region is only getting bigger and better and we invite you to be part of it. Join us.